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ARTV Core Wait List

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We are redesigning the waitlist process for Fall and will update the below instructions soon. Please contact with questions.


Please read the below instructions carefully.
Welcome to the wait list for CORE classes in Visual Arts! Please read through the instructions carefully, and then fill out the webform below to indicate which section (or sections) you'd like to request. This wait list is for ARTV 10100, 10200 and 10300 only. If you'd like to join the wait list for another class, please contact the instructor.
Waitlist Requests:
·      You may request up to 3 sections TOTAL across all sections of 10100, 10200 and 103000. Please fill out a new form for each section that you want to request.
·      Please be sure that you only request sections that work for your schedule. Once the short list has been set, you cannot switch to another section. To make a change on your form, contact ASAP.
·      Requests(s) are due by the deadline noted on the course schedule. Unfortunately, late requests cannot be considered.
·      Don't forget to click submit at the end of the form!
Short Listed Students:
·      The Department will review all requests and select 5 or more students to join a short list for each section.  These students have the first priority to a spot that opens up in the class during the first week of the quarter. If any registered students drop during the first week of class, short-listed students will be added to the class to fill those spots, in the order that they appear on the short list.  
·      You will receive an email by the end of the day on the Friday before classes begin to tell you whether or not you are on a short list and, if applicable, where you are on the short list. 
·      If you are on the short list, you must attend the first two sessions of the class, including any labs.  Students who do not attend the first two sessions will be dropped from the short list.
Registering for the Class:
·      If the instructor tells you that you have a spot in the class, you must submit the online Registration Consent Form for the instructor to sign.  The online Registration Consent Form will become available during the second week of classes.
·      Once the instructor has granted you consent to add the class, you'll need to log in to to register.  It is your responsibility to be sure you obtain consent from the instructor and register for the class by the drop/add deadline.
A few tips:
·      ARTV 10300 tends to get fewer requests, so if you request one of those sections you might have a better chance of getting in.
·      Some sections of ARTV 10300 have labs. Please be sure to check on to see if the section you're requesting has a lab so you can confirm that it works for your schedule.
Questions?  Send an email to