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ARTV Core Wait List

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  • The wait list is closed. Please contact with questions.
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The waitlist for spring 2021 opens on March 19 at 3pm and closes on March 22 at 12pm (12 noon).
Welcome to the wait list for CORE classes in Visual Arts! Please read through the instructions carefully, and then fill out the webform below to indicate which section (or sections) you'd like to request. This wait list is for ARTV 10100, 10200 and 10300 only. If you'd like to join the wait list for another class, please contact the instructor. 
IMPORTANT: please do not fill out the waitlist until you know the results of preregistration. 
Waitlist Requests:

  • You may request up to 3 sections TOTAL across all sections of 10100, 10200 and 103000. Please fill out a new form for each section that you want to request.
  • Please be sure that you only request sections that work for your schedule. To make a change on your form, contact ASAP.
  • Requests(s) are due by the deadline noted on the course schedule. Unfortunately, we may not be able to consider late requests.
  • Don't forget to click submit at the end of the form!

Admitted Students:

  • The Department will review all requests and select 5 or more students to join each section.  
  • We will let you know before classes start if you have a spot in the class.
  • If you’re selected for the class, you will be asked to submit an online consent request. Please do not send a request until you’re asked!
  • Please note that the online consent request button will not become available until after the waitlist closes, so don’t be concerned if you do not see it as an option before that date.
  • Here are instructions for making an online consent request:

Registering for class:

Questions about the waitlist for autumn, winter or spring?  Send an email to 
Summer Session 2021 Waitlist Request can be used by UChicago students wishing to enroll in Summer Quarter courses. Due to the volume of these requests, incomplete or inaccurate submissions cannot be accommodated.  Questions about this form can be sent to Val Huston, Enrollment Manager, at